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Space Exploration Workshop

  • Date: from 2023-11-09 until 2023-11-12
  • Venue: Hotel Panorama
  • Location: Rzepiennik Biskupi 207A, 33-163 Rzepiennik Strzyżewski, Poland
  • Fee: 400 EUR

Human Factor in the Settlement of the Moon and Mission Operations Workshop

Human spaceflight stands as one of the great achievements of the modern age. Inventors, engineers, scientists, and visionaries relentlessly strive to explore space and develop technology for the sustainable existence of life, not only in orbit but also on the Moon and Mars. This workshop delves into the current state of modern space research and engineering focused on survival in extreme environments.

We invite passionate students interested in learning about the interdisciplinary aspects of staying in space, such as life support systems on the International Space Station, human factors, and operations and procedures ensuring safety onboard a spaceship.

Each participant will experience life in the lunar base simulator, as well as control the mission in the Mission Control Centre and plan mission experiments. During the workshop, students will receive educational materials, undergo multiple practical physiological tests in the laboratory, such as bio-impedance, ultrasound imaging, cognitive tests, and receive certificates at the end of the workshop.


All candidates interested in participating are requested to complete three tasks in advance:

  1. Register to the event here

  2. Fill out the Astronaut Selection Questionnaire here

  3. Pay the workshop fee.

Thank you for your consideration! Can't wait to meet you in Poland!